Jess gets married, Part 2…Minnesota

We had an amazing trip to Duluth, Minnesota to continue the celebration of Jess and Corey’s wedding.  On Friday we arrived at the farm where Jess grew up to find the entire family (her side and Corey’s) working hard to bring a vision to life.  Both Jess and Corey’s mom, as well as mine, working in the kitchen, Jess’s Aunt assembling beautiful cupcakes, Jess herself creating perfect centerpieces with the help of Molly and Ann, her sister Erin and I working on decor, all the men doing manly things…building, lifting, hanging tulle… 🙂  There were several others doing various jobs as well.  The preparations continued on Saturday morning, putting final touches on everything, and Seth (bride’s brother), who works on fishing boats in Alaska, even had 120 pounds of wild-caught salmon shipped out there, which he cooked it on cedar planks over a fire pit.  Best salmon ever.

We even had a little extra time to sneak off for some sweet, unique portraits.



Thankfully, everyone’s hard work and efforts paid off in the form of a beautifully decorated tent and delicious food…a celebration fitting for a couple who is loved so much by so many.

The party continued into the night, a perfect Duluth night at that, which is not something you can ever predict with any accuracy up there.  The sky was gorgeous and the temperature, just right.  Many of their family and friends set up tents on the property to stay overnight.

And I thought it appropriate to end the night with a little fire just like in Maui.

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  1. Michele says:

    wow what great memories that you captured!!!!