Jess gets married…in MAUI!

My beautiful cousin Jessica and her groom Corey chose to get married in Maui, and they chose me to be their photographer!  I have more to say about the wedding, but let’s start with the photos…



They are truly loved – 23 people made the trip to Hawaii just for their wedding.  They came from Minnesota, California, and Florida.

And here are some of my personal favorites.


The cabana to the right in the background was where the dinner was held.


I had to sneak a little romance in…

On my mom’s side of the family I was the oldest cousin.  It’s a fun place to be…the first in high school, the first to drive, etc.  We didn’t grow up near each other (the three cousin siblings lived in Duluth, MN), but we always had fun when we got together, although we didn’t always have a lot in common.  I have to say…right now, at this age, this is my favorite space in my realtionships with them (Jess, Seth and Erin).  All of them have grown into wonderfully unique, pure-hearted, fantastically fun individuals.  As a kid I looked forward to seeing them once a year, but as an adult, I really, truly cherish each visit…and crave the next.  Yep, definitely my favorite space.

So as you can imagine, I was so happy to hear Jess was getting married.  Her heart overflows with love, and I was so excited she found someone to share that with.  I had pictured a rustic wedding out on the “farm” where she grew up, with wildflower bouquets and lanterns in the trees.  Well, she wanted the best of both worlds, which she deserves.  So a wedding in Maui and a reception in Minnesota (at the end of July) is what she got/gets.  I am so honored to be such an important part of it all, and, no doubt, feeling the most pressure I’ve ever felt behind the camera. 😉  Jess and Corey – I hope you love them so far, because I poured love into it just for you.

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  1. michele says:

    wow how did you get them all so organized! I bet there beautiful !