The Blanket (Tarpon Springs children photography)

I don’t recall being attached to a specific blanket or bear as a child, but I kind of wish I had been.  I think it’s so cute when children have that “special bond” with an item that comforts them, and it’s so sentimental when that item is passed down to the next generation.  Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of toys and stuffed animals to choose from, and my mom has kept most of those things, and trust me, she can’t wait to have a little grand-baby to give them to (she’s as sentimental as I am)!  Anyway, about the post, this little girl makes an annual appearance on my blog, and this year she brought along her beloved blanket.

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One Response to The Blanket (Tarpon Springs children photography)

  1. michele says:

    so fun looking back at these pictures ! I treasure each photo shoot we did together !