I met M a few years ago when she hired me for a photo session.  We initially bonded over our mutual love of wine, chocolate and goat cheese.  A very short time later, she was faced with an unexpected change in her world, and we became close friends fast.  She moved back home to PA and, honestly, I assumed the friendship would fade with distance and time, especially since we’d only known each other for 8 months.  But the long distance thing…she’s really good at it.  Some circumstances really do bond you for life, leaving us with a strange respect for those difficult times.

Her journey since then has been a steady, sometimes bumpy, rise to success, happiness and love.  It’s been a joy to watch it unfold.  She has become one of my closest, most cherished friends, and I’m so grateful for that.  Plus, it’s nice to have my own sommelier I can text day or night. 😉  She’s a gift to everyone she knows, leaving a little of her sparkle in all our lives.

And now…she’s engaged!

(I love these – they met on Match.com!)

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