Such a Cutie!

I go way back with this family (like in-the-womb back).  My parents lived in Alabama in the ’70’s, and the Coopers made us feel like a part of the family, so much so that to this day I call the lovely lady in the last photo my Grandma.  I was heart-broken when we moved away, but when we visit, Grandma always welcomes us with open arms and an open door.  It seems like each time we go, the family has grown either by marriage or a birth.  This time, we got to meet this little cutie, Grandma’s great-granddaughter!  Her mother and I spend many a days dancing together, playing, picking wild blackberries, going to Dauphin Island with the whole family.  They were good times, and actually made sweeter by being short-lived.

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One Response to Such a Cutie!

  1. Sherry says:

    Wow – I love this picture of Pat! Soooo sweet 🙂 Another blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty for the family.