Fall Blessing

‘Tis the season to count your blessings, and this beautiful family welcomed a new one.  She is just precious with her full head of hair.

I have a new favorite mama and baby image:

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Sweet Baby Z

These are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I was honored to photograph their precious baby girl.  I love when dads are willing to go shirtless, I feel it portrays such a perfect balance of strength and tenderness in the resulting images.  And I just melt.

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Beautiful Baby Bump

This family has been so patient with me while I navigate my own pregnancy and all its challenges.  They were one of my first clients years ago, and I love them to pieces.  Can’t wait to meet sweet baby M!

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Class of 2017

I’m going to keep it short and sweet because it’s taken me a while to get to these images.  So I’ll just say this: I’m proud to call this guy family!

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Baby Westin

Our sweet niece was blessed with another beautiful baby!  I can’t believe it was over three years ago that I photographed her first (see his post HERE) and now he’s a handsome big brother!

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Under the Sea

It was so much fun to style this cute mermaid themed first birthday session!  Mom and I discussed options for the cake, and we ultimately decided it would be super cute to use colorful macarons instead – kind of like a plate full of brightly colored clams!  Miss E loved taking them apart and sucking out the filling.  She looked absolutely adorable in these colors, and with her red hair, she could totally pass as Ariel. 😉

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Sweet Sophia

This precious baby girl belongs to our beautiful cousin, so the session was somewhat of a family affair – my wonderful mother-in-law, aunt, and sister-in-law were all there to help.  Poor Sophia was having tummy troubles and quite unhappy at times because of it, but as usual, patience pays off!

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Love…it’s so Beautiful

Their love story is a beautiful one.  She is beautiful inside and out.  I don’t know him very well, nor his son, but I get the feeling they are pretty special too.  And the day they chose to get married…perfect.

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Miracles Do Happen (Clearwater newborn photographer)

131.4 million births a year worldwide, according to a 2011 estimate (the most recent I could find).  That means approximately 360,000 births everyday, 250 each minute, 4 each second.  FOUR babies born every second…that’s a lot of miracles.  So many, in fact, that the sheer number makes creating life seem unexceptional, like an ordinary thing that we do along with brushing our teeth or checking our email.  But for each family one of those babies is born into, it’s anything but ordinary.  It’s so special that it’s life altering.  And to a family who was told it would be “impossible for you to get pregnant again”…a tremendous miracle.  I present to you Bohdan – gift from God.

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I met M a few years ago when she hired me for a photo session.  We initially bonded over our mutual love of wine, chocolate and goat cheese.  A very short time later, she was faced with an unexpected change in her world, and we became close friends fast.  She moved back home to PA and, honestly, I assumed the friendship would fade with distance and time, especially since we’d only known each other for 8 months.  But the long distance thing…she’s really good at it.  Some circumstances really do bond you for life, leaving us with a strange respect for those difficult times.

Her journey since then has been a steady, sometimes bumpy, rise to success, happiness and love.  It’s been a joy to watch it unfold.  She has become one of my closest, most cherished friends, and I’m so grateful for that.  Plus, it’s nice to have my own sommelier I can text day or night. 😉  She’s a gift to everyone she knows, leaving a little of her sparkle in all our lives.

And now…she’s engaged!

(I love these – they met on Match.com!)

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